Dienstag, 27. November 2012

InstInsta #1

My Prada bag is a way to small for uni!                      Love that combination!

Studying hard for my swedish lessons :)                     Girls night out!
MAC red lipstick!                                                        Addiction! A serious addiction!

My view while driving home :)                                    Favourite Zara necklace!

Cutest dog on earth Mr. Nuba <3                                 Cheat day! First one since 3 months...

Getting closer! Abs are slightly to see :D                     Food pattern!!!!

Outfit                                                                            Coffee and Louis

Grocery Shopping for two days                                   Saw my first Bond-movie ever

Had to let cut off 10cm of my hair :(                            Flashback! Sidney a year ago

Chritmas is coming!                                                      The winter can come!

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