Freitag, 28. Oktober 2011

goodbye teenage-years! & off for the weekend

It's official, this will be my last post as a teenager because I'm turning 20 tomorrow! Therefore we will spend the weekend in a small, cute city in New South Wales. I'll post again on monday, so have a nice weekend, cuties!

Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2011

kisses from melbourne

au outfit 9

shirt: wildfox; jeans: levis; bag: lv

au outfit 8

cardigan: wildfox; leggins: aa; boots: acne; bag: balenciaga

au outfit 7

jumper: bardot(best aussie store!); leggins: aa; bag: lv; glasses: ray ban

au outfit 6

shirt: glassons boutique; boots: mimco; bag: mbmj

off to the harbor

vest: valleygirl; shirt: abercrombie & fitch; jeggins: jbrand; bag: mbmj; boots: mimco

australia shopping




Of course there is more stuff than that but honestly that would be just TOO much :)

au outfit

shorts: true religion; jumper: bardot; bag: marc by marc jacobs; headband: missoni

Montag, 10. Oktober 2011

melbourne shopping part I - shoes & bags

AU outfit 4

jacket: portmans; bag: marc by marc jacobs; shoes: steve madden

eureka tower & AU ourfit 3

Last week we decided to go up on the Eureka Tower! After making thousands of photos, having a few coffees we were pretty satisfied with our new experiences. I still can'y believe how beautiful Melbourne looks like from 88th floor.

jeans: h&m; top: asos & zara; scarf: burberry; bag: marc by marc jacobs; boots: mimco

AU outfit 2

kimono: bardot; jeans: levis; bag: balenciaga; boots: mimco

AU outfit 1

top: valleygirl; jeans: levis; cardigan: zara; scarf: burberry; bag: lv; boots: mimco

hello again!

Yes, I'm back again! This is my first real post from far, far away! I feel still sorry for not blogging for such a long time but it keeps getting better!

Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011

10 facts about me in Australia

1. I wasn"t that happy in the beginning but now I feel kind of sad, thinking about saying goodbye to everything.
2. There"s no city like Melboourne! The people, buildings and culture ... AMAZING!
3. I think, I've never bought that much stuff in one month but I just can't say no.
4. I was shocked by the prices of cosmetics (but the range i unbelieveble!)! It's three times more expensive than in Europe.
5. I have the biggest bed ever in my room. Actually, I felt a bit lost in the beginning.
6. Sydney and Albury are booked! I want to see as much as possible from Australia.
7. It's not a city I would move to even if I'm so in love with Melbourne.
8. The public transport is horrible but I;m not going to drive a car overhere! (I'm nice and I don't want to kill anybody)
9. My English has become so fluent (I"m already thinking in English) but I can"t get rid off my American accent haha.
10. I really missed blogging and I'm looking forward to share all my impressions with you, mates.

Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

oh dear, oh dear

My last post has been more than a month ago and I feel honetly SO sorry for that! It"s just that I was to busy. Living so far away from home, figuring everything out all that is actually harder than I thought it is going to be. But the zohoish-diet is over! From next monday on, you will be able to read regular new posts again. About Melbourne, shopping (there was a lot of that!) and some new outfits.