Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011

10 facts about me in Australia

1. I wasn"t that happy in the beginning but now I feel kind of sad, thinking about saying goodbye to everything.
2. There"s no city like Melboourne! The people, buildings and culture ... AMAZING!
3. I think, I've never bought that much stuff in one month but I just can't say no.
4. I was shocked by the prices of cosmetics (but the range i unbelieveble!)! It's three times more expensive than in Europe.
5. I have the biggest bed ever in my room. Actually, I felt a bit lost in the beginning.
6. Sydney and Albury are booked! I want to see as much as possible from Australia.
7. It's not a city I would move to even if I'm so in love with Melbourne.
8. The public transport is horrible but I;m not going to drive a car overhere! (I'm nice and I don't want to kill anybody)
9. My English has become so fluent (I"m already thinking in English) but I can"t get rid off my American accent haha.
10. I really missed blogging and I'm looking forward to share all my impressions with you, mates.

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